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The EUROPETOUR initiative is happy to share with you expertise and experiences. The EUROPETOUR initiative is an answer to the continuing vocational training needs of cultural-touristic service providers from culture and tourism in rural areas. Supported by the European ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2015 – 2018,  ten European partners from eight European regions developed  nine training modules and guidelines in order to qualify all interested parties for generating attractive cultural tourism offers. EUROPETOUR strives that you will benefit economically and socially for your local and regional environment.

Europe’s cities and regions are full of unique cultural treasures that attract visitors from all over the world. Especially in rural areas there are outstanding cultural heritage sites such as castles, fortresses and historical gardens, lively customs, historical (arts and crafts), art and culture festivals from classical to avant-garde. All this is perfect for attractive offers for culturally interested guests.

Ten dedicated European institutions and networks (coming from culture, tourism, training, public administration and economic development) from Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Poland, Spain developed a training programme with special attention to the professional use of social media, and the online marketing of cultural tourism offers. Please feel invited to benefit free from all the material that you will find on this platform.


Pilar Bahamonde, Stefan Beier, Lacra Beilic, Karin Drda-Kühn (coordinator), Pilar Bahamonde, Stefan Beier, Lacramioara Beilic, Lorenzo Federiconi, Lilian Grootwagers, Angela Ivanova, Wolfgang Kniejski,  Izabela Matuziak, Elena Paschinger, Hermann Paschinger, Tanja Seegelke, Wolfgang Eisenreich, Vincenzo Zenobi