What are the objectives of EUROPETOUR?

Cultural treasures are among the main reasons why visitors are attracted to visiting Europe. From museums, to churches, or festivals: There is a lot to enjoy, explore, learn, and experience.

Europe is made up by a staggering majority of rural areas (about 80% of the surface), home to some 4.500 small towns and villages of less than 20.000 inhabitants each. Most of them have culturally important monuments, such as historic houses, living traditions, and cultural attractions of many kinds.

Everywhere in rural areas, you will find traces of cultural development – from ancient times to modern-day life. European culture is not only limited to urban areas, quite the opposite. Unique cultural experiences are part of rural life as well. This is what makes European culture unique all over the world!

To this end, the EUROPETOUR project aims at improving the professional qualification of stakeholders in rural cultural tourism areas. It does so by qualifying local staff in creating attractive offers and advancing their skill set in the use of social media marketing. The project equally addresses the creative industries, careful about a holistic and integrative approach to including all relevant stakeholders and unlock the economic potential for forthcoming, sustainable business opportunities across Europe.

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