Videos & Webinars

Please find a collection of all EuropeTour related videos and upcoming (or past) webinars here. You are welcome to share any links or YouTube videos yourself! Thank you for your interest, and please tag us using #EuropeTour or #EuropeTourTips in your Social Media activities.

On 29 August 2018, the EuropeTour partnership participated in a webinar on the protection of “Intellectual Property Rights“: Please follow this link for a selection of all downloadable material on Intellectual Property Rights!

The EuropeTour partnership during the webinar at Bronnbach Monastery, Germany. (c) Elena Paschinger


At the 2018 ITB Berlin, Karin Drda-Kühn, on behalf of the EuropeTour partnership, gave a presentation about “Opportunities for Digital Startups” describing culture tourism as a current megatrend in society. The full video of the presentation may be watched here:


Another Webinar took place on 8 February, 2018, talking about “Social Media Management in the Context of Religious Heritage Tourism“. You may watch the recording of the entire webinar here:

… and download the presentation using this link.


In 2017, the partner Kreativ Reisen Österreich recorded a webinar on Creative Tourism & Digital Storytelling, to be downloaded for further reference using this link.


The following video is a presentation about EuropeTour recorded on Polish TV through our Polish project partners, at the town of Mysliborz (in English and Polish languages):