Videos & Webinars

Please find a collection of all EuropeTour related videos and webinars here. You are welcome to share any links or YouTube videos yourself! Please tag us using #EuropeTour or #EuropeTourTips in your Social Media activities.

On 29 August 2018, the EuropeTour partnership participated in a webinar on the protection of “Intellectual Property Rights“: Please follow this link for a selection of all downloadable material on Intellectual Property Rights!

The EuropeTour partnership during the webinar at Bronnbach Monastery, Germany. (c) Elena Paschinger


At the 2018 ITB Berlin, Karin Drda-Kühn, on behalf of the EuropeTour partnership, gave a presentation about “Opportunities for Digital Startups” describing culture tourism as a current megatrend in society. The full video of the presentation may be watched here:


Another Webinar took place on 8 February, 2018, talking about “Social Media Management in the Context of Religious Heritage Tourism“. You may watch the recording of the entire webinar here:

… and download the presentation using this link.


In 2017, the partner Kreativ Reisen Österreich recorded a webinar on Creative Tourism & Digital Storytelling, to be downloaded for further reference using this link.


The following video is a presentation about EuropeTour recorded on Polish TV through our Polish project partners, at the town of Mysliborz (in English and Polish languages):