How can you benefit from EUROPETOUR?

Our goal is to provide an analysis of experiences, strategies and target audiences for the cultural tourism networks we work with, defining their training needs for creating and marketing appealing offers for visitors interested in cultural tourism across Europe. The outcome of this analysis can be found in the “SURVEY RESULTS” section of this platform.

Another benefit are the multi-lingual training modules for stakeholders in cultural and tourism institutions that our team has developed. They are available for you to use in the following seven European languages: English, German, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Romanian.

Recommendations for the professional use of Social Media have been published on this platform in a guidance document and communicated to culture and tourism institutions on a national and European level. This document is also available in the languages English, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, Polish and Bulgarian.


Take part in EUROPETOUR activities!

All EUROPETOUR countries were hosting so called multiplier events dedicated to the dissemination of the project outcomes, communicated in order to open the range of beneficiaries. They are all documented here in the section “MULTIPLIER EVENTS“.

As another EUROPETOUR result,  networked cultural tourism offers along cultural and creative topics were created which you will find in the “NETWORKED OFFERS” section of this platform. They connect the regions by encouraging visitors to travel from one region to the other. Partners and their networks will have a reachout of at least 16 European countries at the present status quo.

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