Cultural Tourism Entrepreneurship & Social Media Marketing: EUROPETOUR meets again in Marche, Italy

During 12-15 September, 2017, the final meeting of the EUROPETOUR partnership for the year 2017 will take place in and around the city of Ancona, Marche region, north-western Italy. The topics for discussion are manifold, focusing on the final elaboration of the EUROPETOUR training modules, as well as further work on the Social Media Guidelines for cultural tourism in rural areas.

entrepreneurship in cultural tourism

The first part of the meeting focuses on networking cultural tourism products in rural areas, with the monastery shop “Terra in Cielo” in Ancona serving as a perfect example of how products of different monasteries can be sold together in one place. This issue will be dealt with in further details concerning the results of Training Module No. 5, “Networking Strategies” in Cultural Tourism. Further examples for innovation in cultural tourism in rural areas are provided by study visits to “Fattoria Petrini“, an olive oil producer in Monte San Vito, as well as the Borgo Lanciano, where the EUROPETOUR partnership will also stay during the meeting.


Experiencing cultural tourism in marche region

Cultural, and creative tourism, are at the forefront of further parts of the EUROPETOUR experience of Marche region. At the Paper and Watermark Museum Fabriano, partners will get a chance to make their own, artisanal paper, and learn about the example of innovating honey from local producer Giorgio Poeta, who crafts a type of “barrique honey”. In addition, there will be a cooking experience & dinner at the Palazzo Gentile, preparing typical hand made “Tagliatelle” pasta.

Offida, merlettaia al lavoro


a focus on social media marketing in preparing the europetour social media guidelines

Marche Region is especially well-known for their strong commitment to Social Media when it comes to communicating their offers (see their Facebook page with currently more than 200.000 fans: Communication is done in Italian and English, notably causing a lot of engagement, shares and likes from visitors and fans alike. This, as well as many other examples from around Europe, will be discussed and presented by the Social Media team of Marche Region, together with Karin Drda-Kühn and Elena Paschinger, who in the partnership are responsible for the detailed elaboration of the Social Media Guidelines. Their publication is scheduled for the end of the year 2017.


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And for those of you who cannot wait to go (like us, this time!), the following video “Made in Marche: Gusto a Km 0 e Shopping di Qualità” is sure to get your taste, and travel buds, stimulated for a trip to the beautiful Marche region!

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