The Italian Multiplier Event took place in Ancona, the capital city of the Marche Region, including a total number of almost 30 participants from Italy and other European countries.

The main focus has been on Social Media Marketing, what with Ruth Mezzolani, part of the region’s Social Media management team and EUROPETOUR advisor for Social Media marketing, playing a vital part in the elaboration of the EUROPETOUR Social Media Guidelines.

The Vice President of the Region, Anna Casini, has also been present in the event. As she is in charge of the agricultural department, she has been particularly interested to see the links between tourism and cultural (food) products, landscape development, and the opportunities provided by Social Media. Vincenzo Zenobi and Ruth Mezzolani illustrated the EUROPETOUR partnership and presented the EUROPETOUR training material: eight training modules and Social Media Guidelines. The participants also enjoyed a speech from the head of Marche Region’s Social Media Team, Sandro Giorgetti. All participants were involved in a lively discussion, including five foreign participants, too.

Vincenzo Zenobi of Marche region presenting at the EUROPETOUR event in Ancona.


Check out this video, too, which has been produced by Marche Region’s Fondazione Cultura, and shared via Facebook: