First Bulgarian Multiplier Event & Cultural Tourism Conference in Veliko Tarnovo

Following a successful networking event at ITB Berlin this year, the EUROPETOUR family is proud to meet again in Bulgaria in early April 2017. The purpose of this meeting is to highlight and discuss progress made on the EUROPETOUR training modules for stakeholders in cultural tourism, including those attending from the Bulgarian region of Veliko Tarnovo.

Why veliko tarnovo?

Both the city, as well as the area, are an interesting cultural tourism destination not only in Bulgaria, but for Europe as a whole. During the International Tourism Fair “Cultural Tourism” in Veliko Tarnovo, tourism experts from Bulgaria, Europe, and even Asia will gather in order to discuss challenges & best practices for cultural tourism in rural areas. EUROPETOUR is proud to contribute with its most recent findings; including an award given to the best practice developed by workshop participants, through INI-Novation Bulgaria.


the europetour multiplier event as part of the international tourism fair in bulgaria

As part of the output strategy of the EUROPETOUR project, several multiplier events will be held throughout the course of 2017 and 2018. These serve to communicate conclusions and outcomes of the project, reflecting the needs of stakeholders in cultural tourism across Europe, with a special focus on the Veliko Tarnovo Tourism Association.

The main themes & lectures the EUROPETOUR team hosts during the fair include:

  • Cultural tourism and the international initiative EUROPETOUR: Objectives and results. Presented by Karin Drda-Kühn as project coordinator & chairwoman of the European Mobile & Mobility Industries Alliance (EMMIA) to the European Commission.
  • Cultural tourism in rural areas: Positioning of cultural products, branding, marketing and networking. Good practices from Europe. Presented by Angela Ivanova as project manager for Bulgaria on behalf of EUROPETOUR.
  • Best practice from Bucovina, Romania, presented by Lacramioara Beilic, Managing Director of Bucovina Tourism Association.
  • Financing of cultural tourism in rural areas and technological solutions to stimulate tourism offers. Good practices from Europe, presented by Wolfgang Kniejski as managing director of INI-Novation GmbH.


multiplier events & training modules

Along with the above-mentioned multiplier event, a regular EUROPETOUR project meeting will be held in Bulgaria. As part of this meeting, the EUROPETOUR team will discuss different topics, such as location & focus of the next multiplier events, as well as training modules that have to be refined and adjusted.

In this meeting, we will already have the experience of the multiplier event in Bulgaria as well as four more multiplier events in Germany, so as to immediately apply changes or necessary improvements with regards with future activities.

Besides, the EUROPETOUR team will experience a lot of interesting activities while in Bulgaria, such as visiting a festival in a rural area, familiarise themselves with Bulgarian crafts, arts, and heritage, etc.

Stay tuned for further updates on our blog!

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