The EuropeTour Survey

The background of the EUROPETOUR survey was to disclose the training needs of those people active in rural cultural tourism across Europe.

It has been rolled out in seven different languages (German/Austrian, English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Romanian). The partnership managed to reach at least 3.400 stakeholders, with the survey having an average response rate of 12%.



Based on the replies given by our stakeholders in rural cultural tourism, the survey’s three main conclusions are:

  • There is a clear need to improve skills in marketing and public relations (PR). The use of different instruments needs in-depth consideration and professional expertise.
  • There is a clear need for co-operation which goes further than the local or regional level.
  • Business skills are in general not rated as a specific skill in which to improve competence. Their links to marketing instruments are not clear.

Please refer to the following SlideShare presentation with the full version of the report here:


The EUROPETOUR team has also published the same survey results in German language:


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