Training Modules

Why is there a need for training in cultural tourism?

Cultural tourism in rural areas is an important part of local economies. However, professional qualification and communication strategies may not always compare to those found for cultural tourism in urban areas. The need for better training is obvious, both for voluntary and professional staff working in culture, tourism and all kind of service providers, such as accommodation, gastronomy, transportation, farms, cultural institutions, etc.

Stakeholders in culture and tourism are usually not trained to work together; they often “speak very different languages”. Cooperation is therefore key, especially when working in rural cultural institutions. Those stakeholders need good training materials in order to improve their skills in product development and marketing, in sales, financial planning, and overall business development.



In order to meet the above-mentioned training needs, the EUROPETOUR partnership has developed a set of eight modules that cover the following topics:

  • M1         Destination characterization (strength & weaknesses, tourism policies, existing networks &  support systems, data analysis)
  • M2         Development and positioning of touristic products and services (target groups, partners, outreach)
  • M3         Marketing strategy and planning (instruments, evaluation)
  • M4         Distribution and sales channels (sales partners of cultural touristic products)
  • M5         Communication strategy  and planning (PR, social media, press relations, data analysis)
  • M6         Networking and Cooperation (identification of stakeholders, development of network infrastructure)
  • M7         Financial planning (access to funding, funding models, funding skills)
  • M8         Development of a business plan


You can now download all of the EUROPETOUR Training Modules in each individual language here: (please refer to the drop down menu items for each individual project language).

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