To meet the training needs of stakeholders and businesses in rural cultural tourism, the EUROPETOUR partnership has developed a series of eight training modules covering the following topics:

  • Module 1 : Destination Characterisation
  • Module 2 : Development and positioning of tourism products and services
  • Module 3 : Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Module 4 : Sales and distribution channels
  • Module 5: Communication strategy and planning
  • Module 6: Networking and cooperation
  • Module 7: Financial planning
  • Module 8: Development of a business plan

All training modules contain best practice examples and exercises that can be used in courses and training events. If you already have experience in cultural tourism, you can use these modules to update and validate existing knowledge.


Introduction to Training Modules

This module refers to a general outline on how this self-guided training course for cultural tourism stakeholders in rural areas is to be used.

All modules contain a series of exercises and Best Practice examples that refer to specific learning units in each module.

Download the Introduction PDF here.


Module 1: Destination characterisation

What makes up a “destination” for cultural tourism in rural areas? Read on to find an overview of strengths & weaknesses, tourism policies, existing networks &  support systems, etc.

Download the PDF here.


Module 2: Positioning

Learn how to reach and communicate with your target groups, how to locate your partners, and how to position yourself in your market.

Download the PDF here.


Module 3: Marketing Strategy

Plan and evaluate your individual marketing strategy, and learn about all the important tools you need to know to build a successful strategy.

Download the PDF here.


Module 4: Marketing Mix

Who are sales partners for your cultural tourism business in rural areas? Find out more by downloading this self-study training module on the Strategic Marketing Mix:

Download the PDF here.


Module 5: Communication Strategy

Find out more about the basic principles and tools of communication in cultural tourism, as well as the success and failure of communication strategies.

Download the PDF here.


Module 6: Networking

This module highlights the need to create connections, and professional networks in the field of cultural tourism. Cultural tourism operators in rural areas are often small and, through networks, can improve their reach and market.

Download the PDF here.


Module 7: Funding

The “Funding” Module helps to consider different sources of funding in cultural tourism. It provides an overview of the different forms of funding in order to be able to choose the best option for your cultural tourism business.

Download the PDF here.


Module 8: Business Plan

This module finally discusses the reasons why an activity in the field of cultural tourism must create a Business Plan. It is a necessary step if you want to go beyond the level of simple volunteering to become an income-generating enterprise.

Download the PDF here.