The EUROPETOUR partnership is set to meet again in Potes, Cantabria, Spain

The town of Potes, located along the pilgrimage route of the “Camino Lebaniégo” in Cantabria, is a cultural tourism destination known for its importance as an ancient site of pilgrimage. For the second time in 2017, our partners will gather from all over Europe, Elena Paschinger of partner Kreativ Reisen Österreich even covering the first four days ahead of the meeting as a true pilgrim on the Camino del Norte – self-awareness life!


The “Peregrino Lebaniego Digital” app is assisting pilgrims on the way to Santiago with information such as free WiFi spots, accommodation, restaurants, or other points of (cultural) interest.


Discussing Training Modules & Social Media Guidelines for Cultural Tourism in Rural Areas

The purpose of the three-day EUROPETOUR meeting is to come to a sound conclusion on the content of all training modules, as well as the Social Media Guidelines, in order to start their online dissemination through the EUROPETOUR website. The first steps have already been implemented, i.e. by restructuring the website menu to make said documents more easily accessible (and visible).

The Cantabrian meeting will also include discussions with local manufacturers of cultural-touristic products about their business models, as well as local authorities about mobility issues for cultural / religious heritage tourism according to the experiences of the Liébana region.

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We will be back with feedback from our meeting shortly.

Being a #Pilgrim on the #CaminoDelNorte in Cantabria, Spain

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