The EUROPETOUR Project Team meets again in Mostviertel

The last days of April will again be home to the international gathering of all EUROPETOUR partners, hosted by our project partner E-C-C (“Education – Culture – Citizenship”) in the Mostviertel destination in Lower Austria. The Mostviertel has been chosen for its long-standing history of culture and tradition that forms the basis of modern-day rural cultural tourism. Our goal this time is to discuss the results of the EUROPETOUR survey, followed by a proposed analysis of the qualification gaps of local actors for cultural tourism.

Spring has arrived in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel destination and welcomes us to enjoy the pear tree blossom, set in the magnificent landscape of the characteristic undulating hills ahead of the main Alps further south. This homeland of forests, cultivated fields and fruit trees has given rise to a number of culture traditions, such as forging, wood craft, iron produce or local fruit distilleries.

As part of our programmed study visit, the EUROPETOUR team will be visiting selected, established members of the rural cultural tourism networks present in the Mostviertel region of Lower Austria. Among these are the “Mostelleria“, the “Mostbirnhaus” as well as the network of the “Mostbarone“, referring to the widespread tradition of cultivating special pear & apple fruit, turning them into internationally acclaimed spirits and other produce.

Besides, we will publishing live via Social Media (on Facebook & Twitter) from our proceedings at the meeting, including a final report as well as more blog posts to be published here. Follow us using the hashtags #EUROPETOUR & #Mostviertel!

We look forward to hearing from you. See you for cultural tourism in Europe!

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